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Your child
is not
your problem.
Your child
has a problem.



No child should be denied the equality in opportunity that education entices because of factors far beyond their control.
Our constitution provides for equality in all areas to all law abiding citizens. Opportunities through education is the birthright of every individual. Just as there are ramps built at strategic locations for the benefit of the physically handicapped, so also invisible ramps of support should be provided for the learning disabled to overcome their invisible handicap.
There will be a day when no child would be denied of equality in opportunity and deprived of possibilities to excel. For this we are providing long lasting, continued and comprehensive support to parents, teachers, schools, society and the state. There will be a day when no child will be blamed for his shortcoming, differences and diversities in qualities. There will be a day when with this support, the child would bloom and blossom naturally, spontaneously and divinely. Then this child becomes a real boon to mankind and endeavour to carry forward the Journey of virtues.
We stand with this child.


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