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Life Enrichment Training

Training support groups involving parents, teachers, professionals and like-minded individuals to help and care for children with learning problems. Duration - 20 months. One class per month. The course ends with a 24 hour foundation training. Participation certificates will be given to those who have 95% attendance.

Advanced Trainings

Formation Training is for introspection and enrichment. Prepares oneself to effectively deal with demanding issues and move ahead successfully. Fully residential (100 hours). A trainers training programme.

Remediation Training

Remediation Training is professional training for people who would like to work in the area of remedial teaching and also to further train groups of resource persons. Fully residential (115 hours).

Remediators Training

This is an updation training given to the resource persons working in the area of remediation. (50 hours).
The entire training programmes are certificate courses.

Curriculum Training

Teachers Training for schools adopting the preventive curriculum ‘Joseph Approach’. Its a hands on training once a month for 30 months. Includes two annual residential camps of 3 day duration. Teaching manuals and tools are prepared during the camp. Further follow up trainings are given to primary teacher classes I to IV annually.

Parents Training

Good parenting practices, early identification of problems in children, understanding the underlying weakness and potentials of children. (Duration : 4 hours)ball gown prom dress

Stress Management

A programme that helps students cope with everyday stress. (Duration : 4 hours).


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