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Assessing body for Concessions Why concessions for dyslexic children?

These children are fully capable of preparing for and faring well in the examinations- Some of them have a problem with reading the question paper and the whole process becom a time consuming one for them. For some others with a writing disabilIty the mecha .writing and the speed are affected. Some other chIldren know the answers but take long time to recall and put It down on paper .
When such children are given certain exam concessions they are able to perform on with other children. Once they have done away with exams many of them excel In t field of choice (some have an aptitude for computers, drawing, muslc, visual arts, etc

Madras Dyslexia Association has been an assessing body along with others for getti concessions for chIldren with dyslexia from the different Examination Boards. On assessing a child MDA has been recommending exam concessions wherever necessary.

Tamilnadu Secondary School Leaving Certificate

We have been working closely with the Department of Public Instruction, Tamilnadu government for helping the dyslexic child get some provisions during examinations. The Government order applIes for Anglo Indian high schools and Matriculation.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

We have also been working with the CBSE boards on a case-to-case basis for getting so examination provisions. Recently CBSE board has issued a notlflcation granting languag exemption buy replica watches for these children.
To discuss this order and to clarify it and various other issues relevant to these children, Madras Dyslexia Association had arranged a meeting of principals, educators, parents a interested others. Mr. Nagaraju the Deputy Secretary of CBSE was the chief guest and Usha Ramakrishnan Vice-chairperson, Vidya sagar was the key note speaker.

Indian Council for Secondary Education (ICSE) board who have a specific learning disabilIty the board has been on a case-to-case basis. They have been offering a scribe, extra ptlon based on the needs of the chIld.


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