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ALDI, Association for Learning Disabilities India, a non-govermental organisation to help the student community with their learning problems and their parents, teachers, professionals involved and social workers. It started in 1992 with its headquarters at Nellankara, Trissur. Aldi created a system called ARMS (Aldi Remedial and Rehabilitation Measures) to help children cope up with several learning problems that affect life. Aldi has conducted several scientific studies in the area.

The total education programme conducted at Trissur District aimed at bringing back all the dropouts back to school, the three year survey cum project at Kamakshi Panchayath in Idukki District, three year project at Vilvattom Panchayath to assess and remedy children who are scholastically backward, 2 year project in Ponnani for 20,000 children to assess and prepare classroom strategies are a few to name.

Over the years, ALDI has been conducting several seminars and workshops in association with IAP (Indian Association of Peadiatrics), Youth organisations, IMA, SOS villages, Trichur Medical College etc.
Recognised by the WHO, it benefited a 16 page mention in the WHO journal highlighting the Association’s extensive and inexhaustive campaign in the areas of child development.
ALDI believes in the power of community. ALDI promotes parent support groups at community level. There are more than 100 such support groups all over Kerala. School Adoption Programme (SAP), Justice forum etc are some of the tools we use for community intervention and empowerment.
ALDI had the privilege to train the master trainers of SSA (Sarva Siksha Abhiyan) and IEDC (Integrated Education for disabled children) for years. ALDI was instrumental replica omega in preparing of Adaptive Training Manual for IEDC, a powerful project undertaken by the government of Kerala for integrating children. It is an ongoing association for formulating classroom strategies to integrate children in normal classrooms especially in Government Schools.

Aldi areas of activity

  Assessment and remediation of learning disabled children
  Awareness programmes in schools
  Camps for children with definite skill enhancement programmes
  Specific programs for parents
  Training of support groups
  Adaptive pre-school curriculum
  Research and development programmes
  Community awareness programmes
  Organisation of and participation in international and national conferences
  Justice forum for children in different districts
  School adoption programmes
  Resource teachers training
  Preparation of different training manuals
  Training for government and private school teachers
  Training for school administration & management
  Networking with organisations with same objectives
  Peace programmes for parents & care givers
  Aldi bulletin: semi-scientific bimonthly journal
  Attain Life School : School for diverse learners
  Student counselling
  Parent counselling
  Motivational sessions